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The most commonly reported symptom of stress is people lying awake at night.
I remember all too well the heavy burden carried from lack of sleep, especially during the years when my children were babies.  Back then mindfulness was so far removed from every day experience.  You had to be either super "hippie" or ultra "spiritual" to consider such a thing as a treatment option.  But this was the path I took, and it came about quite naturally once I decided I had to get a grip on this thing called stress that was robbing me from my basic functioning needs.
This was the practice that turned it all around for me.   
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Its a common belief that we are born with an upward reach, a desire to grow and progress toward our potential and that we feel better about ourselves as we do so.  

Amelioration - moving into the field of love - explores pathways to inner enrichment, drawing upon themes that are common and universal to us all. 
With the practice of Mindfulness, together with the learning of Life Coaching principles and the application of NLP therapy - the heart is brought back into the picture, offering a complementary means to handle upsetting thoughts and feelings.
This book teaches you how to lessen the intensity of your emotional reactions so that you can function at your optimal best.  

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