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Group training program


The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skill set and engaging technology to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity. 


This best in class program is used by the US Navy, hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  

Full program consists of 24 modules delivered online or in house delivered in 1 hour, 6 hour or across 6 weeks.  

Module Content

  • The four domains of Resilience

  • Depleting to Renewing Emotions

  • The physiology of Coherence

  • Strategies for building and Sustaining Resilience

  • Practical Intuition

  • Relational Energetics

  • Energetics of Communication

  • Establishing a new base line.

Inner Balance

Our minds may be different based on beliefs, upbrining and life situations, but our hearts can find harmony with each other in a shared existence, if we desire this. 

Are you equipped to safeguard yourself from emotional overlaod?
Are you equipped to manage the emotions of others?

Are you equipped with the adequate knowledge and tools to Reset, Recover from and Adapt to  flux, challenge, change or adversity?

Our relationship with ourselves and others is greatly influenced by our personal energy, and when our energy is depleted we are not our best selves.  The levels of stress, grief, anxiety are rising for many. We need help when it comes to managing our energy and learn how to renew our energy. 

In these programs you will learn simple tools and techniques that you can use throughout your day to keep your mind focused and help improve the effectiveness in your communication with your team, your clients or your loved ones.

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