One of the biggest problems I hear people say is

"I can't meditate."

We are about to change that thinking and bust the biggest myth about meditation. 


Its ok to practice meditation with a busy mind! 


We may be aware of how our body moves and feels, but are we aware of how our mind moves and feels? 

It's not a question usually asked. 


Your mind is an untapped resource of strength and power and you can learn how to turn on the switch to direct your focus, concentration and consciousness awareness.  

It has been demonstrated that when we focus our attention in a certain area of the body, physiological changes occur in that area.

Meditation is a corrective experience.  The practice of meditation brings you back into right relationship with yourself.    And guess what?  It is ok to practice meditation with a busy mind!  This IS the meeting place between you and your mind, and this is the point where people often hear themselves say "oh, this is too hard, i will never be able to meditate".  But this is the thing - Life is a meditation.  A beautiful expression of conciousness, thought energy, physical energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy, flowing through you, in you and around you all the time.  To come into that flow, the first step is to come face to face with your thoughts, befriend them, become familiar with them, observe your thoughts - you will soon discover they constantly come and go.  Always changing and always moving.  With that you soon discover you are Not your thoughts, and something deeper is revealed...your inner being, your core self, the essence of who and what you are makes contact with you, lifting your spirits, lifting you above problematic thinking, giving you access to higher intuitive and creative abilities.  Foster present centeredness and increase mental, emotional and spiritual flexibility.  


Our classes are designed to strengthen your mind-body connection and elevate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual flexibility and fitness.  

The story

Meditation is not what you 'think'.  Your mind is a holding field for thoughts, so having thoughts is a constant.  The difference is to have awareness of thoughts, rather than thoughts overwhelming you.  The busy mind will often present with one or more of the following: 

Stress                                    chronic pain                             Sadness
Sleeplessness                       Hypertension                           Grief
Overwhelm                           Hypersensitivity                       Apathy
Sometimes we find ourselves living life in a rut, and its difficult to see a way out.  We can sense something is not quite right, yet unable to shift out of that way of being.  Life certainly can be difficult and one of lifes greatest challenges is how to enjoy it.  It is here in your meditation, that you can begin to turn it all around.  I am here to show you how to do that. Once you learn how to do that, you never go back.   

what you need to know

The mind and its functions can't operate without the body and the Body and its functions can't operate without the mind.  They are intimately connected.  

Different meditation approaches:Mindfulness          Expanded awareness                              Deep state repatterning      Breath work          Focusing and Defocusing Network        Divine connectionBody sensing        Creative visualization                               Grounding

Identify different consciousness levels:
Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma frequencies and the minds associated functioning.  

the full story

The emotional benefits of meditation can include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Building skills to manage your stress

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions

  • Increasing imagination and creativity

  • Increasing patience and tolerance

Meditation gives you the benefit of increased awareness so you can self regulate and open to the intuitive intelligence of your heart.  

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